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"A banquet for the shadows, Horse and I"
@Horse_ebooks: "In fact, through my own research I discovered dog"

Small lapse in my journal updates there. Nothing to worry about! I had a busy couple of weekends, that's all. Let's start from the beginning; two weekends ago.

My parents came to Cambridge on Friday evening. I met them at the train station, and we walked to the Travelodge where they were staying. After dropping their suitcases off in their room, and a small amount of faffing around, we walked to Zizzi, my Mum's new favourite Italian restaurant in Cambridge (Replacing the Bella Italia by the river). We drank a lot of wine, and I made the mistake of ordering a pizza that had chillies all over it (Literally. There was a full red chilli laying across the centre of the pizza), and the further mistake of actually eating them. Still, the meal was nice. We had a drink at a pub afterwards.

The next day I met my parents in town, and we split up for a while, as there was some stuff Dad wanted to see. Specifically, he wanted to get a drink in The Baron of Beef, a pub that was featured in Micro Men, the BBC dramatisation of the Sinclair/Acorn story. So we did! It's always kind of busy in there, but the food's pretty nice. We didn't eat though! Dad bought a camera, and when we met up with Mum again, we had lunch in 'B'. I'm sort of skimming here, because I don't really remember much of the details. I went home for a while, probably played a bit of Civ4, and looked for a place to eat.

Mum and Dad fancied Indian, so I found a place on Mill Road that I'd been to once before. It was nice! Both Mum and Dad made the mistake of ordering the jalfrezi, though, and it pretty much killed them. Mum wasn't even drinking! After the meal, we walked to the Tram Depot, and I had a Crabbie's. Mum still wasn't drinking though! After that we went to The Avery, for some reason, and sat on a couch while loud invasive dance music played.

On Sunday Mum and Dad were supposed to get a taxi to my flat, after spending a bit of time in town. I kind of got bored of sitting around playing Civ4 though, so I decided to walk into town and meet them there, sending Dad a text message in order to arrange a place to meet. He didn't get the text, but it didn't matter because I ran into him outside HMV. We popped into Eat to sit down for a bit with a drink and some fruit salad, before meeting Mum and getting a taxi to my place. There wasn't really a lot to see here, as it's quite a small flat! We ate at a pub just down the road, and sat outside in the beer garden. It's worth mentioning that the weather was fantastically warm and sunny that weekend, reaching about 28 degrees Celsius. Hottest October day on record! Back at my flat, I copied some stuff onto a USB key for Dad, and played him a bit of the song I'm working on. We made dinner plans for that evening, and they taxi'd back to their hotel.

Dinner plans were a restaurant I didn't really know anything about, except that it was overlooking the river, and it was probably quite expensive. Dad wanted to eat at a steakhouse (And the steakhouse I had in mind had closed down), and that's what it turned out to be! So that was fortuitous. It was a nice restaurant too, and I had a lovely steak. Again, much wine was consumed, and after the meal we had further drinks at the Baron of Beef. After that we parted ways, and they got a coach to Coventry on Monday morning.

Huh, turns out I remembered quite a lot of that. I may as well split things into two posts, and cover last weekend later on. Bye!

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Sounds like fun! Your family is really into trying new things, something I wished my family would do every once in awhile.

Yeah, I think Cambridge has that effect on people; there are so many nice restaurants here that it would be a shame not to try them out. I still can't quite convince them to eat much sushi, but my Dad's given it a shot, and he likes some of it!

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