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Shambling, Drunk
I was dreaming this morning; it seemed important to me, so much that even whilst asleep I thought I should try to remember the details so I could write about them when I woke up. Alas, it didn't quite work out that way. All I remember was that there was some kind of virus, except that instead of infecting my computer, it affected my daily routine. I think! I just remember a sequence of things going progressively more wrong, and that it was kind of like a nightmare.

The reason I don't remember any details was because I was woken up at 5:30am by a clatter on the road outside my flat, and some guy shouting frustrated obscenities. Even my half-sleeping mind was able to construct an accurate picture of what had happened; a guy, so drunk he could barely stand, had collided with the road barriers and cones outside (Road works have been in effect on my street for about a month now), become very annoyed about this, and then continually failed to stand up. A peek out of my bedroom confirmed that this was exactly what had happened, and I watched him try to find his feet a few more times, before he gave up and went to sleep in the middle of the road. I was less able to return to the oblivion from which he had awoken me, so I was still awake 15 minutes later when, seemingly prompted by the arrival of a car, he had another shot standing up. This time he had more success, and when the guy got out of the car to ask if he was alright, he replied with, "Yeah, you alright?", seemingly missing the point. After collecting himself, he shambled off down the street, shouting more wordless obscenities. Good times.
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