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I'm moving this weekend! Guess who hasn't packed yet. That is correct: David T, Master Procrastinator. So far this evening I have played Enslaved (Trying to mop up some achievements, but bad design makes it frustrating) and watched Misfits (TV series; think Heroes meets Skins) in order to avoid doing any packing. Woo! I'm fine, though. I've booked the removals company for Sunday, which gives me all of tomorrow. From previous experience, this is ample time. Although I do need to go into town tomorrow and drop the tenancy agreement into the estate agency. And pay them a ridiculous sum of money for the privilege. I hate estate agents.

I visited the new flat earlier, anyway. I've been bringing CDs and DVDs over, to save a bit of box space on Sunday. I've been pretty unsure about how I'd fit everything in, but I moved a few things around this time, and I think I can manage it. Furniture-wise, at least. Whether all of the rest of it will fit in is another matter. But it's about time I got rid of some stuff.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my relationship-y entry. If I didn't reply, it's because I couldn't really think of anything to say. Stupid brain.

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Oh hi!

I know that this is completely unrelated but I found you on a random LJ crawl and we have too many interest in common for me to not pop in and say hi. Also your journal caught my eye from the title- former Digitiser reader?

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