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Blah blah blah.
I don't know what's happened to my ability to write. My recent entries bore me to tears when I read them. I've tried to start several entries, and either I just stare at a blank page for a while before giving it up as a bad job, or I start writing some rubbish, and then give that up as a bad job. I do need to write about Friday; maybe I'll manage something tomorrow.

I tried writing a review over Christmas, too. Two weeks, it took me, and I guess I did finish something, but it's a really shabby first draft. I need to refine it, but sometimes it's hard to strip away all the extraneous crap. I dunno, I've just got some major ennui going on at the moment, and I don't know how to shake it.

PS: It amuses me that I already have an 'ennui' tag. Wonder what my other 'ennui' entries are?
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