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Aww crap.
Who is a lazy guy? Me. I am.

I meant to update more over the Christmas period but, of course, didn't. So, here's another of my entries where I try to cram a load of information in, and end up with a wall of text. Bear in mind that I've just had a double brandy and port (Dad's favourite drink; to me it tastes a bit like battery acid, but it's incredibly potent), along with assorted other drinks, so the recollections will probably be a little.. scrappy.

I think it was just after my last post, on the 21st, that Myriam and I got a lift into Donegal town with a neighbour. Or maybe it was Tuesday. At any rate, she had her hair cut, and I did a small amount of last-minute present shopping, and afterwards we had something to eat at a fairly nice bistro in town. My steak sandwich was decent, but a bit gristly. We walked around and took a few photos, and then got a taxi home.

All I really remember about the days leading up to Christmas was that we watched a few movies. Specifically: Blades of Glory and Watchmen on DVD, and Gremlins, A Muppet Christmas Carol and The Nightmare Before Christmas on TV. Beck and Niall arrived on Christmas Eve, as Beck had been working that day.

I always make a list of what I got for Christmas, don't I? I used to make more of a deal out of it when I started my LJ, I guess. This year, I got a PS3 from my parents. Other presents included 'The Thick of It' series 1, The Cinematic Orchestra's 'The Man with the Movie Camera' on DVD and an awesome Gregory Horror Show figure from James, 'La Vie en Rose', 'The Lives of Others' and two of Stieg Larsson's novels from Myriam, 'Warp20 (Recreated)', Themselves' 'CrownsDown' and Brütal Legend for the 360 from Beck and Niall, Edan's amazing 'Beauty and the Beat' from Esther and Fischerspooner's 'Entertainment' from my parents. Also, lots of chocolate and fudge!

On Christmas morning, Myriam, Beck, Niall and I decided to test out the PS3's Blu-Ray capability by watching Shaolin Soccer. It was a bit more naff than I remembered, but still pretty entertaining. I think we watched Paprika, which I'd also bought on Blu-Ray, that night. It was good to see it again in Hi-def, although I kind of had trouble staying awake in places. As far as games went, I played Uncharted 2 and LittleBIGPlanet quite a bit. The former is really nice looking, if a little linear, and the latter annoyed me a little with its fiddly physics, but there's obviously a huge amount of depth there. Aside from that, I played Forza 3 a bit.

The next few days are a bit of a haze of semi-drunkenness. My cousin drove Myriam and I to a nearby farm/hall on the 27th to see ducks/pheasants/cows. Because everything was still frozen over at this point, however, we ended up staying in the car taking photos, so it turned into a kind of Irish safari. Myriam went home on the 28th, and on the way to Belfast we stopped at a retail park, and had a 'meal' at MacDonalds.

The next day, we went to Derry, where I bought Muse's latest album, 'The Resistance'. It sounds.. alright. On the way home, we met Niall, and I stayed with him and my sister for a couple of days. We played a lot of Forza 3, Castle Crashers, The Sims 3 and Brütal Legend. I ended up buying cLOUDDEAD's self-titled album in Letterkenny; it's awesome.

Wow, this turned into a completely tedious 'list entry'. I think I'll call it a wrap. I'm flying back to England tomorrow, after which I'll put photos of the holiday up on Flickr. If I remember anything else worth elaborating on, I'll probably post again. Until then, seeya!


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