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Well hello, sailor! I've been back in Ireland for the past couple of days; I was quite lucky to get here, considering the snow. Here's a run-down of my life up to this point!

Last week at work was pretty harsh. I worked until 9pm on Wednesday and Thursday, and until... actually, I can't remember what time I left on Friday. Probably about 6:30pm. A problem I've had lately, which is probably due to poor sleeping habits, is that I have a pretty poor awareness of events going on around me, and as such my memories of them are pretty sketchy too. Being home in Ireland is always the best place for me to catch up on my sleep, though, so I'm expecting to go back to Cambridge refreshed in the New Year. Otherwise I'm screwed!

I was in no rush to leave the house on Saturday morning, since my flight was at 4:50pm, which was a good thing, as I hadn't packed, and still had stuff to do. I did want to arrive a bit earlier to meet Myriam, though, as she was set to arrive in Stansted at about 12:30. I got everything done in time and left the house with about an hour to get to the train station, which should have been enough. It wasn't; due to the pretty intense snow we had recently, and the sub-zero temperatures that prevented it from going anywhere, I ended up waiting the best part of half an hour for a bus, which then took another half hour to get there. I could have walked in that time, but I had luggage with me, and I'd have been exhausted. Anyway, I arrived a bit late, but Myriam's flight was delayed too, so it was no biggie. We met up at the airport and swapped luggage around so as to stay within Ryanair's weight restrictions.

In the departures lounge, we had something to eat at Frankie & Benny's, and caught up with what had been happening recently. I made my way to my gate after that, and flew to Belfast with few problems. Slight delay in taking off due to frost on the wing, but it didn't matter, as I had to wait for Myriam on the other side. I started writing a review of Clark's 'Totems Flare' for The Chopstick during the flight, and did some more stuff on it at the Costa in Belfast City airport. Myriam's flight was delayed by about an hour, so when Mum and Dad arrived, we had to wait around a while. When Myriam arrived, greetings were said, and we made our way to the car. We got home at 12:15am, and had something to eat before bed.

That's pretty much it! Beck hasn't been to visit yet, due to the snow, and she's working tomorrow. A slight inconvenience, as I brought my Xbox 360 hard drive over, and some games (Forza 3 included), but not the machine itself. Of course, that's not the only reason I want to see her! Myriam and my parents get on really well, and we've mostly just been watching movies and drinking wine. It is a good way to spend the holidays. Anyway, I'm being antisocial, so I'll go. Bye for now!


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